5/25: I Am Refocused Radio with Shemaiah Reed
5/25: I Am Refocused Radio with Shemaiah Reed



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Mark Negley has walked the dark and difficult road of grief recovery, and since dedicated his life to helping others through difficult life experiences. In Survive-Alive-Thrive, Mark uses his story and the stories of several others to teach a new model of grief recovery from the perspective of those who have experienced loss themselves. Most importantly, readers will know that they are not alone in their experience or on their journey; they can navigate from loss to hope, and then from hope to happiness. They don’t have to settle for survival; they can thrive again.

Mark Negley’s passion for helping others through difficult life experiences has inspired him to serve as Founder and Executive Director of Survive-Alive-Thrive. His commitment to his Christian faith has empowered him to share the power of God’s love by facilitating a variety of ministries, speaking at public and private events, hosting a podcast, and writing his book, Survive-Alive-Thrive. Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Mr. Negley is President of management consulting firm PondHouse LLC, where he leverages 20 years of experience in senior leadership and management roles to guide his clients.  Mark is a widower and the proud father of his grown son, Andersen. He was blessed to re-marry in 2020, and currently resides in Franklin, Tenn., with his wife, Melyn.



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In Survive-Alive-Thrive: Navigating the Journey from Loss to Hope to Happiness, Mark Negley takes you on a journey through his loss experiences, using his story and the stories of others to teach a new model of grief recovery from a totally different perspective. You don’t have to settle for just surviving the trauma of your loss experience! Set your sights higher and learn how thrive again.