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Founder Mark S. Negley shares his heart and the inspiration for how the non-profit Greater Than That initiative came to be. Our goal is to help you find a path to hope and happiness after experiencing a loss event in your life.

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Our Mission

Finding joy again

MISSION: Our goal is to provide hope and community for those of us who have experienced loss. We want you to know that you’re not alone and that we can help you navigate this journey by providing insight and contact with others who understand what it’s like to walk this road. Through the Survive-Alive-Thrive social network, we strive to provide support, resources and encouragement while you’re going through the grieving process. By walking together, we are committed to providing you with a pathway to happiness and strategies to live a joy-filled life following loss.

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Vision & Services

The VISION of Survive-Alive-Thrive (S-A-T) is to serve as a global healing and connection resource for those experiencing loss and brokenness and to provide a pathway to rediscover joy and happiness on that journey.

S-A-T encourages and teaches a revolutionary three-stage model to better understand and process grief and loss. Whatever your situation, or wherever you are in the grief recovery process, there is hope for the future. Start your journey today with these helpful services and resources.

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