What I Learned From Asking The Tough Questions
What I Learned From Asking The Tough Questions



My Conversations With Fellow Survivors

In an effort to come to grips with my own grief. I spent the last 5 years interviewing hundreds of people about their own healing journeys, and I have had the privilege of facilitating grief support groups focused on helping others through loss, grief and recovery. Together with the other members of this community, we explored pointed questions to get at the heart of our circumstances, and our unique responses. Questions Like:

  • What happens at our point of impact?
  • How do we respond to that impact?
  • Is our journey progressive in nature?
  • Are there clear steps, or is it more fluid?
  • Does our perspective change over time and, if so, what changed?
  • How can we describe the experience at the moment our world changes?
  • What is it like a week later, a month later, a year later, or five years later?
  • What steps can we take that are most effective and at what point in our healing journey?
  • At what point do we feel hope that they would one day be happy again?
  • Is it possible to experience joy after a devastating loss?

Along the way, I learned there was a significant disconnect between what we were actually experiencing versus what traditional grief models were suggesting. But I also learned something very encouraging.

Different And The Same

I learned that everyone has their own unique way of processing their loss, and yet there are remarkable similarities as well. I also found that sharing leads to healing. This means that while each of us must work through our own loss, we are not alone. By sharing stories with others, we can find common ground—and healing from our grief.

You are not Alone

Are you ready to share your story? Survive-Alive-Thrive offers free online small grief groups. Maybe you just have a question you need answered. Then head over to our Ask and Expert page.



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