Meditative & Restorative Music In The Survive Stage
Meditative & Restorative Music In The Survive Stage
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Soothing songs of comfort


For many of us, the most intense and turbulent times following loss are those closest to the point of impact following a loss event. This is the season when we’re operating in survival mode—when our heart, mind, and soul are in triage. Because it is closest to the initial event, this is where you likely feel the most concentrated force of emotions. Psychologists define this stage as experiencing acute grief, and many people I have spoken with have referred to it as a shellshock period, when they were simply trying to cope with their loss and brokenness one moment to the next.

It’s at this time on our journey that the exhausting toll loss can take affects us from an emotional, mental and physical standpoint. At this stage, listening to meditative, deeply connective and relaxing songs can provide a break from the hectic events of your loss. Following the loss of my wife, I found great peace by putting on songs such as Oceans from Hillsong United. Sometimes I would put it on endless repeat, lie in bed, and listen to it over and over until the warm blanket of sleep would cover me. Awakening to the same soothing song was somehow comforting.

In the case of Oceans (Where Feet May Fail), I found that the melody was incredibly moving and the repetitive lyric sequence “Spirit lead me to where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you may lead me…”, to be both soothing and relaxing to my soul. I am deeply grateful for Oceans as it was exactly what I needed when my emotional batteries were on empty.

Please comment and let us know what you think of this selection. You are also invited to share what songs you have found to be meditative, restorative and soothing in your toughest times in order to encourage and connect with others in the Survive-Alive-Thrive community.