Living A Joy-Filled Life

Join hosts Dr. M. Melyn Galbreath and author Mark S. Negley, with their guests, as they share hope-filled stories of their journeys from loss to living a joy-filled life, in this inspirational podcast. Find encouragement, practical tips, and life-skills that will assist you in living a joy-filled life after experiencing a loss, setback, or one of life’s many challenges.

Hope & Promises From God

Encouragement while in the midst of loss
and facing life’s many challenges.

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In Survive-Alive-Thrive: Navigating the Journey from Loss to Hope to Happiness, Mark Negley takes you on a journey through his loss experiences, using his story and the stories of others to teach a new model of grief recovery from a totally different perspective. You don’t have to settle for just surviving the trauma of your loss experience! Set your sights higher and learn how thrive again.

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